Shimosa Province

Held by: Nakamura Clan

Capital: Ichikawa Castle

Events: Reclaiming Shimosa, The Fall of Gouta

A coastal province bordered on the North by Hitachi, on the South by Kazusa, and on the West by Musashi. It is notable for being the origin of and current seat of the powerful Nakamura Clan, the province’s central location serving as a vehicle to the clan’s rapid expansion. Due to the Daimyo annexing every province he conquers, Shimosa province is now officially considered to extend over the lands that previously made up the Hitachi, Kazusa, Awa, Musashi, Sagami, and Izu provinces.

The northern border of the province is rough and mountainous, serving as a base of operations for the bandit clan that pillages the surrounding area. After Nakamura Eiji led a force that slaughtered hundreds of their men, the bandits have been careful not to interfere in the ruling clan’s affairs.

Shimosa Province

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