Oda Clan

A powerful clan currently expanding their territory in central Japan. Their Daimyo is greatly feared, earning the title of Demon Lord through brutal and effective tactics. Currently the favorite to emerge victorious from the battles of the Sengoku Era.

An Oda force led by Tokugawa Ieyasu laid siege to Odawara Castle at the same time as the Nakamura army led by Nakamura Eiji. Ieyasu sent a curt letter to Eiji, stating that he would not interfere in the other Daimyo’s taking of the castle, and began to move his troops Southward into the province of Izu.

Daimyo: Oda Nobunaga

Provinces Held: Unknown

Strengths: Unknown

Weaknesses: Unknown

Clan Mon: Odamon

Oda Clan

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