Nakamura Clan

Previously considered a minor clan, the Nakamura have shown themselves to be a formidable power by aggressively conquering their neighboring provinces and relentlessly expanding their influence. The fearsome tales of overwhelming power that spring from their battles, combined with the Daimyo’s perfect record of victories, have started rumors that the clan is full of demons and abominations.

The Nakamura Clan is based in Shimosa province, but has expanded to cover most of the Kanto region. Despite the number of provinces they hold, Nakamura Eiji insists that they have been merged into the original, and are all now to be considered “Shimosa”.

Daimyo: Nakamura Eiji

Provinces held: Shimosa, Hitachi, Kazusa, Awa, Musashi, Sagami

Allies: Uesugi Clan

Strengths: Powerful generals, high troop morale.

Weaknesses: Direct, predictable tactics.

Clan Mon:Nakamuramon

Nakamura Clan

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