Hojo Clan

A major clan which began careful expansion under Hojo Ujiyasu at the beginning of the Sengoku Era. From its seat in Izu Province, the clan used Odawara Castle in Sagami as a military hub to conquer Musashi to the East.

While the Hojo allied themselves with the powerful Takeda Clan to the North, they were pressured on their West by the Oda and on their East by the Nakamura, who quickly captured Musashi. Threatened by these powerful enemies, the Hojo were forced to wall themselves inside Odawara Castle and fortify both fronts.

Odawara eventually fell to the Nakamura invaders, while Oda’s armies moved south toward the province of Izu. The Hojo Clan Daimyo, Hojo Ujiyasu, is still alive, and has temporarily joined forces with Nakamura Eiji to prevent the armies led by Tokugawa Ieyasu from claiming Mishima in Izu.

The clan was unofficially dissolved when Nakamura Eiji peacefully conquered Mishima, and with it, Izu Province. Hojo Ujiyasu, the clan Daimyo, left by boat to some other part of Japan, in a sort of exile not actually decreed, but strongly encouraged by the province’s new leader.

Daimyo: Hojo Ujiyasu

Provinces Held: None.

Allies: Takeda Clan

Strengths: Skilled ninja, access to gunpowder.

Weaknesses: Poor position surrounded by powerful clans.

Clan Mon: Hojomon

Hojo Clan

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