Eiji's Reply to Kanahime (May 1563)

Sent directly after the events of the Battle of Izu.


It is nice to hear from you. I am glad you have decided to write to me. I don’t want you to think you have to just because I am the Daimyo. Our efforts in the west are almost over. We have routed our enemy and are now securing our borders. Expect our return within the season. The front lines are exciting, dangerous, and lonely all at the same time. I feel I still haven’t found a place where I can be at peace. As far as Eiichi is concerned he is doing well. He has had a couple of close calls… he is a bit reckless on the battlefield, but he makes up for it. He delivered a fatal blow through the heart of a man named Honda Tadakatsu while I distracted him. He also caught the man leading the enemy army, Tokugawa Ieyasu I believe, off guard in the midst of combat taking off his head with one clean slice. I apologize if I am being too detailed as I am a bit desensitized to these things.

When we begin our march back I will send another escort to accompany you and your father to a dinner I’m going to arrange in celebration of our victory.


Eiji's Reply to Kanahime (May 1563)

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