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  • Tonbogiri

    A legendary spear wielded with much skill by the Peerless Man of the East, Honda Tadakatsu. It is said to be so sharp that, upon landing on its blade, a dragonfly was cut cleanly in two.

  • The Siege of Odawara

    p. After hearing the alarm sounded and seeing [[Hojo Clan | Hojo]]'s troops rushing to the West side of the castle, [[:nakamura-eiichi | Nakamura Eiichi]] attempted to locate the two sources of supernatural power he had seen from outside the castle. The …

  • Tokugawa's Letter to Eiji

    p. To the leader of the Nakamura Forces, p. I regret to inform you that my lord, Oda Nobunaga is not present for this battle. Our orders are to eliminate the Hojo Clan, not to capture Odawara Castle. Thus, we will not participate in this fight. …

  • Oda Clan

    p. A powerful clan currently expanding their territory in central Japan. Their Daimyo is greatly feared, earning the title of Demon Lord through brutal and effective tactics. Currently the favorite to emerge victorious from the battles of the Sengoku …