Tag: mysteries


  • Unknown Ronin

    p. A trio of ronin who attacked the [[Nakamura Clan | Nakamura]] army upon its return to [[Shimosa Province]]. When uncovered, their features were pale and lifeless, with empty sockets in place of eyes and neat stitches lining their flesh. p. The …

  • Letter to Suna

    A letter addressed to "Princess Suna" given to [[:otochitomono-kane]] by a messenger in [[Mishima]]. It quickly reached its intended recipient, as [[:ken-suna | Suna]] snatched it from the princess' hands.

  • Usami Kageie

    p. Prior to the events of the game, she lived together with [[:gouta | Gouta]] in a house just outside the castle in [[Shimosa Province | Shimosa]]. As part of a scheme orchestrated by the [[Hojo Clan]], she was supposedly kidnapped and replaced with an …

  • Oda Nobunaga

    The so-called Demon Lord, Daimyo of the [[Oda Clan]]. Little is currently known about him, save that he is rapidly expanding his territory in central Japan, and is presently the favorite to achieve victory in the Sengoku wars. Wikipedia: "Oda Nobunaga …

  • Uesugi's Retainer

    Attended the diplomatic talks between Uesugi Kenshin and Nakamura Eiji. He did not speak during the conference, but his mere presence speaks of the trust Kenshin places in him.

  • Douji

    Douji was first seen escorting Usami Kageie, Gouta's mother around Mishima in [[Izu Province]]. He was with the older woman when she met with [[:nakamura-eiji]], and returned with her to [[Shimosa Province | Shimosa]].