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  • Uesugi Clan

    p. A powerful clan based in the [[Echigo Province]], north of [[Kozuke Province | Kozuke]]. They are known to be devout Buddhists, and the clan has a reputation for honor and honesty. p. The Uesugi temporarily allied themselves with the Nakamura Clan …

  • Echigo Province

    p. Held By: [[Uesugi Clan]] p. Capital: Kasugayama Castle p. A coastal province located north of [[Kozuke Province | Kozuke]]. Little is known save that it is the seat of the Uesugi Clan.

  • Uesugi Kenshin

    The Daimyo of the [[Uesugi Clan]] who met with [[:nakamura-eiji | Nakamura Eiji]] and formed a temporary alliance against the combined forces of [[Hojo Clan | Hojo]] and [[Takeda Clan | Takeda]]. Kenshin was revealed to have a rivalry with the Daimyo of …