Zokuto Yoroi


weapon (melee)

A “sword” that is actually a full suit of interlocking plate armor. It its retains offensive capabilities by incorporating numerous tiny blades into the design. The armor itself is sea blue and has a nautical theme, with its features being stylized after various ocean creatures.


Weapon: Zokuto Yoroi
65 base damage
+20 Attack / Block
-20 Speed
225 presence
21 Breakage
48 Fortitude
Cut / Impact
Movement Value -2
-4 enemy AT
Special: Zokuto Yoroi also functions as a full suit of armor, granting the wielder full immunity to non-energy damaging attacks, and AT 10 against all other types of damage except Electricity and Energy. The armor grants 5 AT against Electricity and Energy, which stacks with other forms of protection. However, any passive actions that require movement (including drawing/sheathing weapons) are treated as active actions while wearing Zokuto Yoroi. In addition, the armor provides no defense against falling damage, and all falling damage is doubled while wearing it.


Zokuto Yoroi

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