Sento Tsurugi


weapon (melee)

A “sword” that is, in fact a thousand blades, all identical to each other. The fighting style used with it emphasizes that weapons are disposable items in battle, and uses tactics based on this ideal to throw the wielder’s opponents off balance in battle.

Weapon: Sento Tsurugi
70 base damage
+10 Attack / Block
Speed: Special
140 presence
13 Breakage
31 Fortitude
-2 enemy AT
Special: Using the special properties of Sento Tsurugi requires the wielder to spend at least 4 hours preparing the battleground, and do not function anywhere but that battleground, which may be up to one mile in radius. Otherwise, it is considered as one, two, or any number (up to 1000) of normal +10 Katana, and my be wielded as such. If this condition is fulfilled, Sento Tsurugi gives the following bonuses:

  • The wielder may choose to be considered armed or unarmed whenever it suits him, and may switch between the two as a free action. He is always considered to be armed for the purposes of initiative.
  • The wielder may make a single attack against the opponent then immediately move up to his full value without attempting to escape combat. This requires the use of two actions, but does not incur any penalties for performing multiple actions.
  • The wielder may make as many attacks in a single turn as he is able, without penalty, but may take no other active or passive actions in that same turn and may not counterattack until the beginning of his next turn.
  • Sento Tsurugi is comprised of 1000 swords, and destroying one of them only reduces this number by one. The wielder is not considered unarmed until all 1000 are destroyed, though the weapon loses its special effects if less than 10 remain.
  • If the defender has not seen Sento Tsurugi wielded before, or does not understand the theory behind the style, he must pass a Notice check of Absurd difficulty or suffer the effects of surprise against each attack. This effect lasts until the enemy passes the check, realizes the concept, or is in combat with it for three turns.

Sento Tsurugi

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