Kusanagi no Tsurugi

Blade of Orochi

weapon (melee)

A blade of masterfully worked steel with intricate designs along the hilt and sheathe wielded by Nakamura Eiichi. It can destroy supernatural effects, severing the flow of energy, if the wielder’s final attack score exceeds the originator’s magic or psychic projection check.

70 base damage
+5 Attack / Block
+5 Speed
90 presence
8 Breakage
21 Fortitude
-1 enemy AT
Special: Spell Breaker

  • Kusanagi no Tsurugi may be used to destroy a maintained or targeted supernatural effect, if the wielder’s final attack ability if higher than the originator’s projection score. In the case of Ki techniques or shields, the originator’s Attack or Defense score (as applicable) is used in place of projection. If successful, the supernatural effect immediately ends. Spells dissipate and maintained effects are canceled.
  • Using the sword to cancel effects requires an attack action directed at the origin or the target. This effect may be used as a passive action to defend against effects that target the wielder, but the user must have at least one remaining attack action, and it is considered used in the defense. If the attempt to destroy an effect targeting to wielder fails, the wielder can still attempt to dodge, but the attack action and dodge are considered separate defenses for the purpose of multiple defenses, with appropriate penalties.

The blade was obtained by Nakamura Eiichi through some unknown circumstances during his wanderings as a ronin. He has kept its special properties a secret, but has used it thus far to break Hojo Ujiyasu’s Ki-powered mace-cannon, reducing it to nothing more than a large club.

Kusanagi no Tsurugi

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