Yamada Junko


Agi 14 Movement 3 miles/turn
Con 8
Dex 12
Str 10
Int 5
Per 8
Pow 10
WP 6

Life Points 150
Resistances: Base 65, Physical 95, Disease 95, Poison 95, Magic 100, Psychic 90

Umbra: Attack 185, Damage 100, Trapping, Area Attack, Fortitude -, Breakage 8, Presence -
Dodge 195
Armor: Cut 4, Imp 4, Thr 4, Heat 4, Ele 4, Cold 4, Energy 0

Initiative: Umbra 170

Skills: Acrobatics 70, Athleticism 35, Climb 35, Jump 25, Notice 210, Search 150, Hide 145, Stealth 300, Dance 60

Special: Use of Ki, Use of Nemesis, Armor of Emptiness, Emptiness Extrusion, Body of Emptiness, No Needs, Movement of Emptiness, Essence of Emptiness, Undetectable, Inhumanity, Zen, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Increased Damage, Acute Senses (Sight), Free Movement w/o Weight, +4 Movement Speed


Yamada Junko is the youngest daughter of the head of the Yamada ninja clan. It was discovered early that she was “blessed” with that ability to use Nemesis which is a huge benefit for ninjas. When she was only 12 she was already taking on adult missions with success, this continued until the different clans decided to vie for power. Her father had been watching this power struggle for a time and decided that the Nakamura clan was the best to support (it helped that the clan lived in the boundary’s of Shimosa. So at only 16 Junko was dispatched along with her older sister, her childhood friend, and several ninjas of varying degrees to assist in the conquest.

Junko can not stand people thinking they are superior to others, unless they can prove it. She has yet to find any one she considers to be an enemy or love interest, most she just views as a nuisance in her current goal of assisting in the conquest of the country.

Yamada Junko

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