Tsukahara Bokuden

Master swordsman of Kashima Shinto-ryu.


A handsome man with long hair tied back in a fashionable ponytail. His usual attire is a bright blue kimono with golden accents, and he carries two katana at his hip. Tsukahara Bokuden is confident in his skill and style, and feels he can afford to enjoy a bon-vivant lifestyle. Despite having a reputation for being an honorable man, he is deceptively mischievous and enjoys playing tricks on those around him.


Tsukahara Bokuden was at the castle town of Odawara when it was infiltrated by Nakamura Eiichi, and was challenged to a sequence of contests by the other swordsman. After claiming victory in the first two arm wrestling bouts, Bokuden accepted a duel with Nakamura, only to trick him into a warehouse and lock the doors from the outside. After the infuriated Eiichi escaped and attacked, Tsukahara fought using only a portion of his true skill and let the other win.

As part of a wager on the duel, Bokuden agreed to help Eiichi assassinate Hojo Ujiyasu, but continued to lead the other on a pointless chase around the town, claiming that he did not wish to ruin his reputation by attacking the Daimyo somewhere with a large amount of witnesses.

When Eiichi finally discovered Ujiyasu, and was subsequently attacked by his ninja Fuuma Kotaro, however, Bokuden stepped in and saved the other swordsman, killing Kotaro with a single blow. After the attack, he stood to the side and watched as the Nakamura and Hojo forces clashed in a battle for Odawara Castle.

Once the Nakamura Clan emerged victorious, he refused all offers from Eiichi to join them, stating that he wasn’t interested in large scale combat. Accepting one last duel with the Daimyo’s brother, almost killing his opponent with a well-placed slash. Saying his farewells, he left with his students to the East, seeking entertainment in the Shimosa territories.

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Tsukahara Bokuden

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