Tokugawa Ieyasu

Stoic general of the Demon Lord.


A stout man with an impressive gut and a square jaw. He has a solid, determined set to his features, and always seems to be lost in thought. Across his shoulders is slung a large Nodachi, the blade still sheathed.


Level 9
Class: Warrior
DP: 1400
HP: 310
Presence: 70
MK: 45
Initiative: 45
AT 5 (3 Energ)

STR 11 (20)
DEX 8 (10)
AGI 5 (0)
CON 13 (25)
INT 8 (10)
POW 8 (10)
WP 6 (5)
PER 8 (10)

Attack: 245 (250)
Block: 255 (260)

Weapon: +5 Nodachi
100 base damage (
+40 = 140) (90 sheathed)
+5 Attack / Block
-30 Speed
90 presence
12 Breakage
29 Fortitude
-1 enemy AT

PhR: 95
DR: 95
VR: 95
MR: 80
PsR: 75

Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armor, Aura Extension, Inhumanity

Ars Magnus: Magnum: Liberation of Power


A general of the Oda Clan who led a force to conquer Sagami Province at the same time as Nakamura Eiji. Wrote a letter refusing a challenge made by the Nakamura Daimyo, choosing instead to let Eiji capture Odawara and focus his attention on the Izu Province to the South.

Ieyasu entrenched himself on the edge of the southern forests of Izu after learning of the pursuing Nakamura Clan. He created a line of traps which eventually worked against him, as the enemy army attacked from the forest to the West, using tactics hitherto unattributed to Nakamura Eiji. Trapped between a mountain, the advancing forces, and his own traps, Ieyasu rallied a defense but was decapitated in a rather anticlimactic manner by the charging Nakamura Eiichi.

Along with his servant, Honda Tadakatsu, he was buried at the town shrine in Mishima, having been borne their by Otochitomono-kane’s retainers after the battle.

Wikipedia: Tokugawa Ieyasu

Tokugawa Ieyasu

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