Satomi Yoshiyori

Demolished Daimyo of the Satomi Clan.


A small, skinny man with frazzled hair and a timid expression. Wears a robe more akin to a modern lab coat than a kimono, and has a distressing enthusiasm about his actions.

In his current role as a member of Nakamura’s demon squad, he has pale skin, glowing red eyes, and a katana permanently impaled squarely through his heart and out his back.


The real Daimyo of the Satomi Clan, Yoshiyori showed himself only after his summoned doppelganger and Gashadokuro were both destroyed by Nakamura Eiji and his generals. A master of summoning magic and little else, he took his own life when it became obvious that his defeat was imminent. Nakamura’s demon squad wasted no time in adding another Daimyo to its ranks.

Satomi Yoshiyori

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