Satake Yoshiharu

Defeated Daimyo of the Satake Clan.


A clean, proper young man with reasonably handsome features and a kind expression. He wears a white robe with the Satake clan mon emblazoned on the back and a tall black hat common to nobles of the time.

In his current role as a member of Nakamura’s demon squad, he has pale skin, glowing red eyes, and a katana permanently impaled through his gut and out his back.


The Daimyo of the now-destroyed Satake Clan, Yoshiharu attempted to mount a defense when Nakamura Eiji invaded his territory without provocation. He struck a deal with the bandit clans in the mountains to the South of his home province of Hitachi, and gained their support for the battle. After his forces were buffeted by a tidal wave, and he himself was abducted by Gouta, the result was a decisive defeat. Satake Yoshiharu committed Seppuku to end his life honorably, and was subsequently raised and absorbed as an undead member of Nakamura’s demon squad.

He had one daughter with a mistress, Oeyo, tragically born deaf and mute. Though he did love his daughter, he felt he could not adequately be a father to her, and sent her to be a miko at the Shrine of Izumo, where she lived for years until shortly before he died.

Satake Yoshiharu

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