Mystic Seductress


A stunningly beautiful woman with somehow indefinite features that seem to change depending on her company. No parties can ever exactly agree on her physical appearance, only that she is gorgeous and moves with a sort of predatory grace that isn’t quite human. Her only constant feature is her eyes, which are a dull red and glow faintly in dim light.

By Otochitomono-kane’s request, when functioning as her bodyguard, she “wears” a heavily sexualized version of the armor of a General of the recently-usurped Ming Dynasty, though the colors are somewhat more evocative of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The armor appears to be made of white electrum, the Ryukyuan princess’ favorite metal.


A succubus that was summoned by Otochitomono-kane in The Battle of Izu, and retained afterwards as a willing servant. She made love to Nakamura Eiichi the day after, draining part of his essence and leaving him significantly weakened.

Theoretically controlled by Otochitomono-kane, she follows her summoner and obeys any orders given to her, including the entertainment and subsequent disposal of an unsavory moneylender in the town of Mishima.

She was slain by Nakamura Eiichi, along with her master, over a dispute about living quarters.


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