Sasaki Kojiro


A rough-looking man sporting scruffy facial hair and an elegant but battered kimono. He wears a beautifully crafted Nodachi, significantly larger than a normal specimen of its type, slung across his back in a sheathe, and walks with a confident swagger.


Sasaki Kojiro encountered both Nakamura Eiichi and Nakamura Eiji 中村英治 in a grimy sake den in Mishima, proclaiming himself the greatest swordsman in Japan and challenging the former to a duel. The result was nominally Eiichi’s victory, though Kojiro landed a blow out of anger after the duel should have ended, and both participants left feeling frustrated and cheated.

When questioned about his Nodachi, he revealed only that it was something he inherited from his former master.

Sasaki Kojiro

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