Elegant consort to the Nakamura Daimyo.


A beautiful woman with short hair cut in a mesh style, unusual for the period, who dresses in brightly colored clothing and accessories. She carries a parasol regardless of the weather.

Okuni’s personality is very confident and open. She often displays a deep understanding and acceptance of others, especially men.


Okuni was one of five women summoned by Nakamura Eiji in his search for the most beautiful woman in the land. After all four of the others were dismissed, he decided on Okuni, and took her as his willing consort.

She claims to have once been a shrine priestess, along with her colleague, Oeyo, and before arriving in Shimosa Province she was traveling the country with an all-female group of Kabuki theater performers. One of the conditions by which Okuni became Nakamura Eiji’s mistress was that she be able to continue managing and performing in these plays.

Recently, news has reached Eiji that Okuni is pregnant with the Daimyo’s heir.

Wikipedia: Izumo no Okuni


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