Oda Nobunaga

Demon Lord of the mighty Oda Clan.


A tall, powerful-looking man with noble features and a mane of black hair pulled into the traditional samurai’s ponytail. He wears ornate armor featuring the mon of the Oda clan, and a long, rich cloak of deep purple. The only weaponry on his person is an ornately-crafted katana that sparks and spits with dark energy when he holds it.


Level 14
Class: Warlock
DP: 1900
HP: 250
Presence: 95
MK: 280
Initiative: 120
AT 5 (8 Energ)

STR 10 (15)
DEX 10 (15)
AGI 5 (0)
CON 8 (10)
INT 14 (25)
POW 15 (30)
WP 8 (10)
PER 8 (10)

Zeon: 1180
MA: 100
Magic Projection: 400

Weapon: 20 Katana
90 base damage (30
10+10+10 = 160)
+20 Attack / Block
+20 Speed
230 presence
23 Breakage
41 Fortitude
-4 enemy AT

PhR: 105
DR: 105
VR: 105
MR: 125
PsR: 105

Path Levels: 90 Dark, 90 Destruction, 90 War

Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armor, Greater Energy Armor, Arcane Energy Armor, Aura Extension, Elemental Attack, Increased Power, Increased Speed, Increased Range, Inhumanity, Zen

Secondary Abilities: 70 Magic Appraisal, 380 Style, 300 Composure, 150 Occult, 200 Resist Pain, 200 Notice

Special: Demon Lord’s Perogative – Oda Nobunaga is always treated as being under the effects of the Master of War spell from the War path of magic at the Arcane level.


The so-called Demon Lord, Daimyo of the Oda Clan. Little is currently known about him, save that he is rapidly expanding his territory in central Japan, and is presently the favorite to achieve victory in the Sengoku wars.

Wikipedia: Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga

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