Nakamura Eiji

By far the best looking human specimen you have ever laid eyes on. Even males question their sexuality when Namkamura Eiji walks by.


AGI 11
CON 10
DEX 12
STR 10
POW 10
WP 5

HP 215
Init 150
ATK 272
Dodge 267
Weapon: Katana +10
Armor: O-Yoroi +5
Appearance: 10
Leadership: 295
Style: 295


Nakamura Eiji is the first born son of Nakamura Suji (中村修二). His mother, Nakamura Meiyo (中村名誉), died shortly after giving birth to his brother, Nakamura Eiichi, due to complications. As a result Eiji and Eiichi were raised by Gouta’s mother, Ishi’s good friend. Eiji received a lot of attention as a young boy due to his unique style and natural charm. During his studies he often read tales of the battles of old, learning about tactics and different leadership styles all the while culminating his own leadership style. Now that he has grown up he has become quite the charmer of ladies often saying that he, “sleeps with two different women every night.”

The current Daimyo of Shimosa Province. He began on the path to reunite japan shortly after his fathers death. The last words his father said to him were, " Follow your heart and you shall live a life free of regret." He took this message to heart becoming the unwavering decisive free-spirit he is today. When word spread that the shogun’s power was rapidly declining small clashes began between neighboring clans. The vie for the next Daimyo to rise up and fill the power vacuum had begun. When word of these battles finally reached the young Daimyo his next course of action was all too obvious. Having grown tired of his routine life he immediately began preparations to start his conquest.

He is often quoted as saying, “I can hear the people calling out for me to unite them, and who am I not to answer their cries.” Clearly head strong and a bit full of himself he has yet to be given a reason not to be. With swift victories everywhere he goes he has quickly risen from a minor Daimyo to one that demands a place as one of the potential future Shogun of Japan.



Oda has slipped and crucial moment and will now pay for his mistakes. A three pronged attack against the Demon King. This battle is for the future of Japan!

I just sent those people to their deaths… How could that little girl do such a horrible thing. Over 250 men. MY MEN!!! And countless peasants and noblemen. Their bodies used and manipulated as monster that I had to kill! These thoughts weigh heavily on my mind.

I did what I had to do and NO ONE has the right to judge me.

I am to be a father! What to name my first son… Neji (ネジ) sounds best in my mind, but what if it’s a girl. Can’t say I’d be at all disappointed. I know, if it’s a girl i will let Okuni name her.

Nakamura Eiji

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