Mori Ranmaru

Scourge of Odawara


A young, girlish-looking boy with middling black hair and pale features. He wears an elaborate, baggy black robe with elaborate gold designs, and carries himself with an air of utmost confidence. When seen at Owari, his eyes were filled with darkness and devoid of humanity, and he grinned with an eerie malevolence.


Level 10
Class: Wizard
DP: 1500
HP: 160
Presence: 75
MK: 50
Initiative: 90
AT 2 (0 Energ)

Advantages: Elemental Compatibility (Necromancy), Natural Knowledge of a Path (Necromancy)

STR 5 (0)
DEX 10 (15)
AGI 5 (0)
CON 8 (10)
INT 13 (25)
POW 12 (20)
WP 8 (10)
PER 8 (10)

Zeon: 1910
MA: 60
Magic Projection: 315

Weapon: +5 Tessen
40 base damage
+5 Attack / Block
+25 Speed
75 presence
5 Breakage
18 Fortitude
-1 enemy AT

PhR: 85
DR: 85
VR: 85
MR: 95
PsR: 85

Path Levels: Necromancy 80

Secondary Abilities: 200 Magic Appraisal, 150 Occult


Claiming to be the instrument of Oda Nobunaga’s vengeance for his fallen general Tokugawa Ieyasu, she singlehandedly attacked and razed Odawara Castle. Using dark magic, she transformed the newly-returned townspeople and the troops stationed there by Nakamura Eiji into disturbing undead constructs of metal and flesh. Also affected was Nakamura Eiichi, who was transformed into a living corpse and later controlled by her necromancy.

Despite having a guard of undead monstrosities, she was defeated by the Nakamura Clan generals when Sashisaka tricked her with an illusion of Tokugawa Ieyasu, shaking her motivations. Nakamura Eiichi took advantage of her confusion to break free of her influence and decapitate her. Her head screamed after being separated, and both it and her body dissolved into a dark mist, which then evaporated, leaving no remains.

Mori Ranmaru

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