Self-Appointed Receptionist


A small girl whose origins are unknown, currently working as a maid in Ichikawa Castle, seat of the Nakamura Shogunate. Physically she appears to be around 16 years of age, with long, straight silver hair and shocking blue eyes accenting her vaguely foreign features. Her normal attire consists of a brown European maid’s dress, modified with exquisitely-crafted plates of metal to resemble a suit of armor. This ensemble is topped with a detailed, open-faced helmet of the same design, wrought in the shape of a snarling wolf’s head. When praised by Nakamura Eiji, there is a rhythmic rustling from beneath her dress, as of a tail briskly wagging back and forth.

Despite the formidable appearance granted Marianne by her clothing, she is extremely weak both physically and mentally, incapable of performing the simplest of tasks requiring strength or intellect. There is some question regarding what she actually does as a maid, but since no-one seems to know where she came from in the first place, the issue is generally sidestepped. She can often be seen making trips to and from town with bags full of snacks or sake, and spends the rest of her time waiting in the entryway of the Nakamura castle, clutching an illegible guest ledger and asking everyone who enters if they have an appointment with the Shogun.

Accompanying Marianne almost everywhere she goes is a small gray puppy of unknown breed and origin, which displays remarkable intelligence and devotion to its master. Despite these admirable qualities, the dog always gives off a vague impression of being up to no good, and people get the ridiculous feeling that it is leering at them lecherously. The female occupants of the castle often find the puppy whenever they are stripping for the bath or otherwise compromised. Its innocent expression as it sits and watches, panting quietly, is said to be horrifically unsettling.



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