Ken Urabochi


Name: Ken Urobochi
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Age: 41
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150 pd

Agi: 8
Con: 8
Dex: 8
Str: 5
Int: 12
Per: 8
Pow: 10
WP: 8

Weapon: War Fan
Initiative: 75
Life Points: 130


Ken Urabochi is a member of the Ken Clan’s main branch, a long term vassal to the Nakamura Clan. When his father passed away, Urabochi as the eldest and most experienced was sent to advise Nakamura Suji, the Daimyo of Shimosa province at the time. A practical man, Urabochi was distraught with the passing of Nakamura Suji and power passed to Nakamura Eiji.

Urabochi did his best to advise the young Daimyo in the ways of rule and was one of his tutors in how to administrate the province. When Eiji came in to power, he saw the arrival of the squad of demon’s and monsters that joined his army to be very disquieting. Nonetheless Urabochi did his best to do all that his Daimyo required of him and used his knowledge of water magic to help the province prosper.

Reaching the age of 40, and with clan politics preventing any woman from leaving to join Urabochi at the capital. Urabochi caught the eye of a beautiful woman by the name of Sekai and in a brief amount of time, breaking his clan’s traditions, was engaged to the woman.

The two had frequent sex and it was a great sorrow that after a few months she sickened and died in his arms. Heartbroken Urabochi took to wearing his fiance’s underwear and in a drunken fit, he went to the Ken Clan’s compound and destroyed one of the walls of the sitting elder’s audience hall blaming them for his fiancee’s death and claiming he had been cursed.

There was talk about removing Urabochi from his post and replacing him with someone more suitable but a healer in the clan, Ken Kotomine informed them of Urabochi’s failing health and to let it be so he could end his life honorably in service of the Daimyo.

Aiding the Daimyo in his conquests, Urabochi was able to use his magic to turn the tide of battle in Eiji’s favor until 6 months after Eiji began his conquest his disease progressed to its final stage, leaving him frail and weak. As his last act, Urabochi was directed by Eiji to go to the Date Clan with the Demon Squad and they cursed the land. With that final spell, Urabochi succumbed to his disease and died.

Ken Urabochi

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