Ken Suna


Name: Ken Suna
Class: Illusionist
Level: 8
Age: 19
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Yellow
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 145 pd
Appearance: 7
Size: 12

Agi: 9
Con: 8
Dex: 8
Str: 5
Int: 13
Per: 8
Pow: 11
WP: 5

Life Points: 145 Initiative: 70/95
Dodge: 60 Base Damage: 35 (Thrust)/20(slash) + MR 100 Age + -2 Defender’s AT
Regeneration: 8(Sleeping)
Physical Immunity(Men)

Zeon: 1675 Innate Magic: 10
Magic Accumulation: 40 Magic Projection: 150
Innate Spells: Perfect Shield(24)
Natural Affinity(3)
Final Regeneration: 75


Ken Suna is a member of the Ken clan, long time vassals and advisers to the Nakamura. The clan as a whole is isolationist, preferring to spend most of its time teaching its members who have the gift the intricate workings of Magic. Suna was one who had the gift but was flawed in that she could not perform any spell without using a physical component as well as the free movement needed to cast. Suna was isolated due to her disability and spent a large amount of her time outside her clan’s compound and playing with beasts from a young age. Suna grew uncomfortable in large crowds and began to live in the wild. Surrounded by nature, Suna gained an interest in Creation Magic and was taught by one of the clan elders, who found that despite the girl’s handicap, she picked up spells quite quickly and her imagination served her quite well.

One night, after a hard day’s study of her magic, a Tiger came upon Suna and wished to eat her. Suna told the Tiger she was much to thin to make a good meal but pointed out that the Tiger’s skin must keep him warm during the cold night, the Tiger agreed that this was so. Suna suggested a game, the first one of them that could catch a Nightingale would be given what the other had. The Tiger agreed and the two searched for the bird they could hear singing close by. Fast as the Tiger was, he scaled a tree and leaped from branch to branch and sought to grab the bird in his mighty jaws, Suna began to dance and sing and the Nightingale flew to her hands. Sore at the loss and considering Suna easy prey, the Tiger tried to eat the girl but Suna used a feather from the nightingale to grow wings and fly out of Tiger’s reach. Suna promised the Tiger that the next time they met she would get her skin and she would be the one to stay warm at night.

Suna is a niece to Ken Uroboshi, and the only member of the Main branch in her generation. In the clan there was much argument on who to send to take over the position after his death. Many in the clan argued that Uroboshi had been cursed for seeking to marry an outsider and felt a different branch of the clan should advise the Daimyo. A tournament was held as to who could best protect and advise this young leader of the Nakamura and any in the village who wished to apply for the position were tested in matters of wisdom and magic in front of the clan elders. Suna proved adept at both and despite a few misgivings in regard to her strange nature she was allowed to present herself to the Daimyo and see if he would accept her.

Accepted, it is Ken Suna’s wish to bring honor to her family’s stained history after Uroboshi’s previous indiscretions with his fiancee and his habit of wearing women’s underwear. Other branches of the Ken clan consider the war a great opportunity for their own branches in the event Suna is killed.

Before her departure to the capitol, Suna made a vow to her father to live a chaste life until he could find someone worthy to sire children with and continue the Main branch’s bloodline.

Ken Suna

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