Hitachi princess of unparallelled beauty.


A beautiful young noblewoman who favors golden jewelry that suits her high position in society. Her normal garb is a pure white kimono, with red floral patterns and the Satake clan mon emblazoned on it. She wears a golden ornament to hold back her long hair, and shining bangles on her arms and hands.

Normally regal and proud, when asked by Nakamura Eiji to undress, she exhibited a fierce defiance not normally seen in women of the time.

(Art courtesy of Jude Caceres)


A daughter of a merchant lord under the former Satake Daimyo, Kanahime was one of five women called by Nakamura Eiji to Shimosa Province as part of his search for the most beautiful woman in the land. She was dismissed by him in favor of Okuni, as, though he did not voice this, Eiji considered her better suited to the role of wife than consort.

Before Kanahime left Shimosa to return to her home in Hitachi, she was courted by Nakamura Eiichi, who eventually accompanied her on her journey back North. Charmed by Eiichi’s demeanor and gallantry, she agreed to keep in correspondence when he went to war against Hojo on the Western front.

During the march West, Nakamura Eiji sent a letter to Kanahime, requesting her to visit Shimosa again once the clan returned from war. Her affirmative response to this, as well as a letter to Eiichi, have both arrived, but Eiji has yet to deliver the latter to his brother.


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