House Haunted Halloween

House Horror Holiday Hellfire Haunted Halloween


Maid Type: Cool/Sexy
Age: Possibly 102 (born 1556, maybe)
Special Qualities: Fortune Teller, Star Symbol, Collar
Maid Roots: Debt
Stress Explosion: Mischief
Maid Power: Iron Wall
Maid Weapons: Chainsaw (x2)

Maid Colors:
Cloth Black
Eyes Cream
Hair Orange

Athletics 4
Affection 0
Skill 3
Cunning 2
Luck 3
Will 1

Trauma: Destroyed her homeland.
Unique Trauma: Unfortunate events that happened in game (x2)


A girl more likely the personification of Halloween or horror or holidays or hellfire or being haunted or even just a house from some obscure land, but she’s definitely a girl… in figure, at least.

She believes she was born around 1556, a hundred years or so ago, to a father and mother that owns a pumpkin farm, where she developed a fascination for pumpkin-orange color and because of this she dyed her hair from orange… to pumpkin-orange. The pumpkin hairstyle is natural.

If she was born in 1556, it’s probably a lie since she does only look to be fourteen or everyone around her is just gullible. It should be noted, however, that she has no concept of time or sake, as one hour is any other measurement of time except for one hour to her and one castle-volume of sake is one small bottle of sake to her. She doesn’t know “how” to drink.

And you may or may not see a witch’s hat on her person, or both. The lucky ones might see a squirrel.

House Haunted Halloween

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