Honda Tadakatsu

Peerless Man of the East


A giant of a man in full plate armor with a flowing cape and metal antlers adorning his helm. His eyes are obscured by a steel visor, but the lower half of his face is unobstructed, revealing a perpetual scowl. In his hands is a heavy spear of beautiful craftsmanship, and even standing still he emits a palpable aura of fearsome power.


Level 12
Class: Weaponmaster
DP: 1700
HP: 509
Presence: 85
Initiative: 95 / 90
AT 7 (2 Energ)

STR 12 (20)
DEX 8 (
AGI 6 (5)
CON 14 (
INT 5 (0)
POW 8 (
WP 8 (10)
PER 8 (

Attack: 300 (320)
Block: 300 (320)

PhR: 110
DR: 110
VR: 110
MR: 95
PsR: 95


A general serving under Tokugawa Ieyasu, his incredible fighting prowess earned him the title of Peerless Man of the East. His skill was clearly shown when he faced down the entire Nakamura army with just four squads of Samurai. After landing several solid blows and almost killing one of their generals, he was defeated when Otochitomono-kane partially froze him in the middle of battle, allowing Nakamura Eiichi to strike an epic blow through the general’s heart.

Along with his lord Tokugawa, Tadakatsu was buried at the local shrine in Mishima, having been borne there by Otochitomono-kane after the Battle of Izu.

Wikipedia: Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu

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