Hojo Ujiyasu

Artillery-wielding Daimyo of the Hojo Clan.


A burly, older man with a gruff demeanor. He smokes a long pipe and wears a loose kimono and a headband, both bearing the Hojo Clan mon. In combat, Ujiyasu wears a heavy gauntlet and shoulderplate designed primarily to protect his left side as he fires his large mace-cannon.

Hojo uses reckless tactics and doesn’t balk at sacrificing his own men. He has, however, shown some concern regarding the welfare of the civilians he governs, illustrated by his preemptive evacuation of Odawara and enthusiasm for protecting Izu from the Oda Clan’s invasion.


Level 8
Class: Weaponmaster
DP: 1300
HP: 310
Presence: 65
MK: 80
Initiative: 10 / 0
AT 7 (2 Energ)

STR 11 (20)
DEX 11 (10)
AGI 8 (10)
CON 11 (25)
INT 6 (5)
POW 8 (10)
WP 10 (15)
PER 6 (5)

Attack: 250 (255)
Block: 260 (265)

Weapon: +5 Mace-Cannon
70/130 base damage (
+20 = 90)
+5 Attack / Block
-15/-40 Speed
90 presence
12 Breakage
29 Fortitude
-1 enemy AT

PhR: 85
DR: 85
VR: 85
MR: 75
PsR: 85


Hojo Ujiyasu expanded his clan from its home in the Iwa and Sagami provinces, advancing East and capturing the castle town of Edo. Based on the intelligence gathered the ninja under his subordinate Fuuma Kotaro, Ujiyasu saw the Nakamura Clan, particularly their general Gouta, as a threat. Using the same ninja, he enacted a plan which successfully neutralized the giant.

Shortly afterward, the Nakamura and Uesugi clans formed a temporary alliance against the Hojo and their ally the Takeda Clan. Fearing an attack by Oda from the West, Ujiyasu was powerless to halt Nakamura’s advance from the East, and gave the opposing clan his recently acquired province of Musashi with little resistance. Hoping to slow the Nakamura army down, Hojo dispatched squads of firebomb-wielding ninja the same night to destroy Edo Castle. The plan was a success, but Nakamura Eiji’s force escaped with minimal casualties.

With the Oda advancing from the West, and the Nakamura pressing in from the East, Hojo Ujiyasu was forced to barricade himself in Odawara Castle, fortifying both sides. He evacuated the civilians there to the Iwa province in the south, hoping to keep them from the conflict. In the end, only the Nakamura clan attacked, and Ujiyasu rallied a defense within his castle.

The Hojo forces were routed by Nakamura’s superior troops, and Ujiyasu himself was eventually defeated in a combined attack by the brothers Nakamura Eiji and Eiichi, during which his mace-cannon was broken by a calculated attack. Hojo surrendered and gave over Odawara Castle to the invaders.

Seeing his dissatisfaction at the prospect of the advancing Oda forces occupying Izu Province, Nakamura Eiji offered Ujiyasu a chance to join them and intercept the other army. The aging Daimyo accepted, and was given command of a squad of Nakamura heavy samurai for the coming battle.

After helping the Nakamura forces defeat the Oda army at the Battle of Izu, Ujiyasu accompanied Eiji into the capital of Mishima. He gathered together the influential men of the city, and together with them accepted the new Nakamura administration, albeit begrudgingly on the part of the aging former Daimyo. He was not exactly ordered, but strongly urged into exile by Nakamura Eiji, and left on a boat from the port town to parts unknown.

Wikipedia: Hōjō Ujiyasu

Hojo Ujiyasu

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