Hattori Hanzo

Fearless Master of the Ninja Arts


A slender man of middling height who wears the traditional dark clothing of a ninja, unadorned save for a pair of light metal gauntlets which cover his forearms. The unassuming effect is spoiled somewhat by a flowing black scarf, wrapped around his neck and covering the bottom half of his face. His stylishly unkempt dark hair reaches to his shoulders, and the only skin that can be seen is a small portion of forehead and a pair of keen eyes above the black cloth.

On the rare occasions he is visible, his movements can be seen to be preternaturally fluid and quick, effortless in whatever action he is performing.


Level 10
Class: Assassin
DP: 1500
HP: 160
Presence: 75
MK: 320 (130)
Initiative: 175
AT 2 (3 Energ)

STR 10 (15)
DEX 11 (20)
AGI 14 (25)
CON 8 (10)
INT 8 (10)
POW 6 (5)
WP 6 (5)
PER 8 (10)

Attack: 250 (255)
Dodge: 250

Weapon: +5 Katar
60 base damage (
+15 = 75)
+5 Attack / Block
+15 Speed
75 presence
8 Breakage
23 Fortitude
-1 enemy AT

PhR: 85
DR: 85
VR: 85
MR: 85
PsR: 80

Skills: Notice 210, Hide 175, Stealth 325, Search 110, Poisons 160, Trap Lore 110, Composure 105, Ki Concealment 250

Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Weight Elimination, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armor, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy, Ki Concealment, False Death, Elimination of Necessities, Characteristic Augmentation, Inhumanity, Zen

Ars Magnus: Infinium: Fluctuation of Space


A ninja master working as a general under Tokugawa Ieyasu, he led an ambush on the attacking forces of the Nakamura ninja corps. Appearing as if from nowhere, he assassinated Ajibana Chinatsu and Maeda Fujima before being engaged by Yamada Junko. An intense contest of ninja skills ensued, with both parties striking glancing blows on the other. After several attacks were exchanged, Junko seized victory by distracting Hanzo with a feint using one end of her kusarigama, then cleanly decapitating him with the other blade. She proceeded to carve his corpse into pieces, claiming revenge for her fallen subordinates.

Wikipedia: Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo

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