Usami Kageie

Mysterious Mother of the Sleeping Giant


A tiny, tottering old woman with a white-haired head that seems slightly too large for the rest of her body. Her tiny stature makes people wonder how she ever managed to bear the child of an Oni, but, as far as anyone can tell from her ramblings, she enjoyed many unprecedented adventures in her youth.


Prior to the events of the game, she lived together with Gouta in a house just outside the castle in Shimosa. As part of a scheme orchestrated by the Hojo Clan, she was supposedly kidnapped and replaced with an imposter.

It was revealed later that Kageie faked her own kidnapping in order to take a short vacation, and was unaware of the circumstances following her disappearance. The Nakamura generals happened upon her upon their visit to Mishima, along with a large, escorted by a large fiery man named Douji. The two departed for Shimosa shortly after Kageie learned about her son’s condition.

Usami Kageie

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