Half-Oni, living siege engine of the Nakamura Clan.


A half-oni giant whose features betray his supernatural lineage. Gouta stands at roughly 17’ tall and stubby horns sprout from his forehead. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is kind, caring, and incredibly dim. If Gouta goes several days without committing some kind of good deed, the accumulated guilt is enough to affect him physically.


Gouta was one of the original generals of the Nakamura Clan. Nakamura Eiji saw his potential use in battle, and included him with the army during the assault on Hitachi Province and subsequent retaking of Shimosa.

After the first two battles, Gouta was tricked by the Koga Ninja into thinking bandits had captured his mother. He rescued not his mother, but an imposter who forced him into a coma through use of a magical sealing dagger.

Gouta is currently laid out in a guarded tomb in Shimosa Castle, technically still alive.


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