Demon Squad

Loyal fiends of the Nakamura Clan.


A squad of undead samurai that serves the Nakamura Clan. Physically, they range across a wide variety of features, but each man is pale and bloodless, with glowing red eyes and a murderous grin. The soldiers use metal claws, and favor hand-to-hand combat, augmented by the power of their collective Ki. When they gather energy, paranormal events occur around them, including gathering clouds, thunder, small earthquakes, and panicking animals.

The squad usually uses one member to act as a representative when it needs to discuss something. Otherwise, the samurai speak simultaneously in a collective voice, producing a chilling effect to the casual listener.

After each battle, the demons raise the corpses of their enemies to refill their ranks. Notable members now include the corpses of Daimyo Satake Yoshiharu and Satomi Yoshiyori.


The demonic samurai have been with the Nakamura Clan since Nakamura Eiji took power. They claim not to be demonic, but say instead that they are controlled by two souls, one of a loyal samurai, one of a genocidal murderer, constantly fighting for control of the gestalt. Eiji suspects that they are a squad of samurai sent on a suicide mission generations ago, who relatively recently returned to the clan, driven by their fierce loyalty and forever changed.

To this point, the demonic squad has acted with distinction as a strike force in a variety of conflicts, including tearing apart a raging Oni, routing the attacking bandits in Hitachi, and eliminating the firebomb ninja squads in Edo Castle.

Currently, they have been dispatched by Nakamura Eiji to the North, with orders to infiltrate the Date Clan’s territories and cause paranormal events, go on rampages, and sow as much chaos as possible.

Demon Squad

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