Blood-Red Kunoichi


A beautiful, shapely woman with middling length hair and fair features, she is normally seen wearing the traditional light clothing of a female ninja, dyed a deep blood red. Her motions are dextrous, enough to allow the manipulation of countless almost invisible wires as weapons, but her ability is tempered by a seeming lack of self-confidence in some situations.


Ayame was first discovered by Yamada Junko spying on the Nakamura camp after the Battle of Izu. Faced with Nakamura Eiji 中村英治’s overwhelming charm, she revealed herself to be a spy for the Takeda Clan. Eiji provided her an accurate report of the events of the battle, and she spent the rest of that night with him before returning to Mishima to give a report.

From that point, she has been known to be following Eiji at almost all times, and appears whenever he calls her name. When questioned about the wisdom of leaving her post in Izu Province, she simply assured that it would not be an issue.


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