Ajibana Chinatsu

Shrouded Summoner of the Nakamura Ninja Corps


A shortish woman who works directly under Yamada Junko in the ninja clan serving the Nakamura family. A careful observer will note that she is beautiful and rather well-endowed, but she wears loose-fitting clothing so as not to draw undue attention. Her normal attire is a baggy tunic with a long flowing skirt, both in royal purple hues with gold lining.


As a lieutenant and sister to the ninja master of the Nakamura, Chinatsu has been active in several of their operations. Her summoned kitsune spirit is useful as a keen and tireless scout, and the spectral Oni she can call upon has served well as a distraction and destructive weapon.

Along with Maeda Fujima, she was assassinated by ninja master Hattori Hanzo at the Battle of Izu. Junko, determined to avenge the death of her sister, later decapitated the offender.

Ajibana Chinatsu

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